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12 must have things for a long flight

Planning an international trip? Anxious about the long flight? We know, long flights are often tiring and boring if you haven’t prepared yourself well in advance. The uncomfortable seats, chilly low temperatures and sometimes boring entertainment on the flight screens makes your travel more tiresome.

With my experience of travelling on long domestic and international flights, add these below give things in the in your handbag to make your flights a little more interesting.

1. Eye mask and ear plugs:

It will help you to drown out the light and reduce the sound so you can take small naps nd rest for some time.

2. Scarfs/shawl and a pair of socks:

A scarf or a shawl, preferably big enough to cover you from head to toe will help you fight the chilly temperature in the flights by doubling it with the blanket given by the airlines. Wear a pair of socks and keep your feet warm.

3. Water bottle:

Stay hydrated, it will help you fight the jetlag. Cary an empty reusable bottle that you can fill in the airport after the security check and carry it along in the flight. this bottle can be used later during the trip too and you don’t have to buy a new one always. This helps you become a responsible traveller.

4. Sanitizer and wipes:

To keep your hands clean, you need to carry a sanitizer. Wipes would help you freshen up on the set itself. You can also use these wipes to clean your hands post meals.

5. Ear-phones:

For listening to music, watching a movie, carry the noise cancellation earphones. Planes are loud. It be better to entertain yourself rather than disturbing your neighbors when you are not sleepy. Earphones are most important.

6. Snacks:

Chocolates, nuts, chips, probably a sandwich, carry some light snacks in your handbag. You might get hungry during midnight or between means serves by the airlines or you just want to pass time.

7. Change of clothes:

Always keep a set of clothes in your handbag. If you want you can also change your cloths before landing or during the flight. These are always helpful in case of emergencies like when your flight gets canceled or delayed and you have to extend your stay where you have already checked in your other luggage.

8. Toiletries:

Basic toiletries like toothbrush, toothpaste, for personal hygiene, lip balm and body lotion to keep your body moisturized, basic make up and comb are a few things you should keep with you in the handbag to use them during the flight.

9. Medicines:

Carry medicines that you take regularly whenever you are sick. Medicines for nausea, loose motions, fever, painkillers are important. Basic paracetamol is also important. Don’t forget to carry the prescription for all these medicines. The airport authority may ask for the prescription for the medicines you are carrying with you.

10. Reusable bag:

Keep all the liquids and toiletries in a small zip bag to clear security check without a hassle and also avoid spilling of these liquids in your bag.

You might want to dump all the things you had taken out during the flight in one place rather than packing it in the handback again before the landing. These bags are very useful during shopping too.

11. A good book/magazine:

Long flight is a perfect time to relax and read your favourite book. You can buy a book or a magazine at the airport about the place you are visiting and grab some information on the flight. you are entertained as well as you also get some useful information.

12. A pen and a diary:

Carry a ball pen (others pens might leak due to pressure difference) and a small pocket diary. You might want to write down something your read or remembered during the flight. If you make some friends in the flight and if you want to extend your communication, you can write down each other’s contact details.

Pen is very important as you may have to fill the immigration form, feedback form or any other important document before the flight lands. Immigration forms and feedback forms are generally distributed before the flight lands.

Stay relax, stay hydrated and try to entertain yourself as much as possible while on a flight. you won’t get bored or tired. To avoid jetlag take small naps.

Enjoy you flight! Have a safe and happy journey!

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