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13 Ultimate Tips For Smart Packing

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

(Photo by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash)

Whether it is a weekend trip or a long vacation, whether it is a road trip or you are travelling to far away destination by flight, packing becomes the most important activity before the trip. And we either tend to over pack or under pack for the trip. If we forget something which is most essential, we end up hunting for that thing in every possible store. Over packing leads to paying extra for the over weight of luggage to the airlines some times.

Thinking about the weather, mode of transport, itinerary, destination you are visiting, number of people travelling with you, number of days you are going for, size of the luggage etc. are all the things that play an important role while you pack for the trip. Considering all these factors and with some experience, here is a basic list of things you should remember to pack smart.

1. Checklist:

  • Always start with a checklist.

  • Write down all those things that you would really need and are most important and all those the other things that you want to take along. Add absolutely everything, even the smallest of the things.

(Photo by Dariusz Sankowski on Unsplash)

  • Don't forget to keep the checklist in your bag when you are done packing so you know all the things you are carrying along.

  • If you have made a digital checklist then mail it to yourself as well as save it in the phone.

  • This will help you to keep a track of all the things you are carrying with you.

2. Pack light:

  • Try packing as light as possible.

  • Carry only those things that you would use.

  • Do not take ‘just in case’ items/things. 99% of the time you don’t use them and unnecessarily pack extra.

  • Leave some empty space in your bag to accommodate the things that you shop over the trip.

  • Pack light weight things that would reduce the total luggage weight.

  • Pack things that are easy to wash and dry quickly, so you can repeat those clothes, especially the night wear and some lingerie.

3. Packing organisers:

  • Use zip lock bags to store your toiletries.

  • Keep you cloths in the cubes which would help you separate all the things and then use them accordingly.

  • Zip lock bags can also be used to pack phone chargers, ear phones, adapters and other electronic accessories.

  • You can also pack various other items in a zip lock bag such as accessories, jewellery, toiletries, cosmetics and make up items, medicines etc.

  • Packing cubes to pack cloths accordingly to the category.

  • These cubes help to keep the bag organised and you can find things easily.

  • Keep liquids separately in a transparent zip lockbag to avoid other things from spoiling because of spontaneous leak or bursting of bottles due to pressure change.

  • Liquids kept separately can also help you pass quickly though security check at the airport. You can just pick up that particular bag and put it in the scanner tray for security scan

4. Miniatures of toiletries:

  • Fill all the toiletries you need in small travel kit bottles to save space link for toiletries kit.

  • You can also get small size toiletry kit or items that mostly include shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, shower get and sometimes even sunscreen. You can just grab that one for yourself. Link for toiletries kit.

  • Most hotels provide basic toiletries. You can use them and take them along with you for the further journey

5. Plan your cloths:

  • Plan you cloths for each day for the complete trip.

  • Pack cloths as per the ‘outfit of the day’.

  • If you plan to repeat any of these outfits again, add them to that particular set to wear again later.

  • You may also pack the accessories like matching jewellery or matching hair accessories in the same set of clothes packed in separate zip pouches. So you would have your clothes and accessories together for each day.

  • This will help you save some space in the bag that these accessories would take otherwise.

  • You may also add undergarments and scarfs in the same set.

  • Don’t forget to carry 2-3 extra pair of underwear.

6. Weigh your luggage:

  • Weight your luggage to check if it fits in the given baggage policy of the flight you are travelling.

  • You can wear some heavy clothes like jackets, shoes, etc. to reduce the weight of your check in luggage.

  • Even if you do not plan to travel by flight, keep the weight of your luggage such that you can easily lift your bags if required.

  • Buy light weight bag/suitcase so that you don’t end up with heavy bags and increasing the weight of your luggage.

  • Check with the airlines for extra baggage weight fee. Some airlines have a prepaid option available for extra baggage. You can pay that extra money online even before you reach the airport. Some airlines give a discount for online payments with extra luggage weight slots like 5kg, 10kg, 15kg etc.

  • Buy a good quality weigh scale if you travel often. You get weigh scales where you have to put the bags’ handle in the hook on the scale and hand lift the bag to measure its weight. These weigh scales generally give the exact weight of your bag.

  • Try going for waterproof bags. This way you are pretty relaxed about luggage, whatever the weather would be.

7. Roll your clothes:

  • Roll your cloths instead of folding them in order to save some space.

  • Rolled cloths take less space in the bag than the folded ones.

8. Carry some extra bags or leave some empty space In your bag:

  • Carry some extra bags or laundry bags to keep used or dirty cloths separately in your bag.

(Photo by Katy Anne on Unsplash)

  • Sometimes, extra bag is useful to carry things that you might shop during the trip.

  • Leave some empty space in your luggage bag as it your reduce the risk of damage to you bag while travelling which may otherwise happen due to overpacking.

  • Some extra space in your bag can be used to keep the things that you shop during the trip.

  • One extra purse or a handbag can be used to carry small things that you might use during the trip.

9. Pack shoes separately :

  • Keep your shoes in a laundry bag or a plastic bag when you pack then in your luggage so that they do not spoil the other stuff.

  • You also don’t have to worry about finding a bag to keep the dirty shoes later once you have used them during the trip.

  • You may also wash your shoes if you they are too dirty and then pack them in the bag in separate bag.

  • Take fabric bags for your shoes, they are eco-friendly and reusable.

  • You can also use shower caps to keep your shoes in the luggage.

10. Wash clothes on the way:

  • Most hotels provide laundry facilities but you may find them a little expensive sometimes.

  • Wash your clothes on the way.

  • Cary small detergent pouches or small bottle of liquid detergent or small packets or small tins full of powder detergent to wash your clothes.

  • Take along light and thin clothes that you can wash and dry easily and reuse them.

  • You can wash your intimates and small clothes like handkerchiefs, socks etc. so you do not have to carry a lot of them.

11. Medical kit is a must:

  • Don’t ever forget to carry a travel medical kit/first aid kit which would have basic medicines.

  • Most medicines that suit you may not be available at the city or country you visiting.

  • Also, sometimes these medicines are expensive in the city or country that you are visiting or at the pharmacy store. Some pharmacy do not give you any kind of medicine if you do not have a prescription from the doctor for the same.

  • Basic medicines for fever, pain, cold and cough, vomiting, diarrhoea etc are to be carried without fail.

(Photo by Roger Brown from Pexels)

  • Don’t forget to carry a prescription for any Kind of medicine you are carrying. The airport security might ask you to show a prescription. You can request your family doctor to provide you the prescription of all these basic medicines you are carrying with you.

12. Electronics:

  • Keep all electronics in a waterproof bag before you pack them in your luggage.

  • Carry a multi pin charger which would have different attachments for different gadgets so you do not have to carry different chargers for different electronic gadgets.

  • Roll and tie all the words with a rubber band or cord organizers separately so that they don’t get tangled.

(Photo by Supply on Unsplash)

  • Carry a universal travel adapter so you can charge your gadgets in any type of socket.

  • You may additionally carry a multiple pin adapter so you can charge 3-4 gadgets at the same time in one single charging point or socket.

  • Always buy an insurance for devices like laptop, camera, etc. or any other expensive electronic device so you can get something in return in case of theft or damage during the trip.

13. Others:

  • Never check in you important and valuable items like cash, jewellery, electronic devices, etc. in the flight. Take them along with you in the hand luggage.

  • If airline loses your luggage you would regret losing your valuables and essential items.

  • Keep heavy things at the wheels/bottom of the bag so that they do not spoil the fold of your clothes. It also helps to roll your bag easily.

  • Always keep copies of your passport, visas, travel itinerary and list of emergency contact numbers [contact numbers with international calling/country code] ringt on the top of your bag and in EACH BAG. Just in case if you lose your bag and someone opens it, you might be lucky enough to get it back.

Happy Travels!!!

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