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20 alternative uses of a lip balm

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

Lip balm is one item found in almost every household. But most of us would not have thought of any other use of the lip balm other than healing chapped and dry lips. These days, you get all kinds of lip balms with different flavours and colours easily available in the supermarkets or drug stores. But, have you ever given a thought of alternative uses of that little stick of lip balm?

Here is a list of some alternative uses of a lip balm:

  • Close the open wound or small cut by dabbing the unflavoured lip balm.

  • Use it as an alternative eye cream. Rub some lip balm with your fingers gently around your eyes.

  • Erase Mascara smudge. Take some lip balm on a Q-tip and fix the Mascara smudge gently without affecting the Foundation or Concealer.

  • Prevent shoe blisters by applying a layer of lip balm on your foot at the area where your shoe might be ribbing or causing irritation.

  • Lip balm is a handy lotion. You can spread some on the dry skin patches. Take some lip balm on your palms and rub them on one another to warm up the lip balm and to make it spread better.

  • Heal you cuticles. Rub a little lip balm on your cuticles to keep them soft and well moisturised.

  • Clean the makeup mess by taking little lip balm on a Q-tip and gently rub on the smudge without affecting the makeup.

  • When you feel cold, apply lip balm on and around your nose to avoid it from getting cold, red and irritated.

  • Use lip balm as a highlighter. Use a non tinted lip balm on your cheek bones to add some highlight to your makeup.

  • Tame unruly eyebrows by dabbing little non-tinted lip balm on your eyebrows before applying the eyebrow pencil.

  • Use lightly tinted lip balm as a blush giving your cheek a natural tint and blush. Dab little lip balm on your fingers and spread it evenly on the cheeks.

  • Use a non-tinted lip balm around your dry nose to keep the makeup around the nose non-flaky and even otherwise and keep the skin moist around your nose.

  • Use lip balm as a shoe polish by rubbing some lip balm on your leather shoes making them soft and shiny. But remember not to use that lip balm stick on your lips later!!

  • Fix split ends of your hair with a non-tinted lip balm by rubbing little lip balm on the ends of your hair and massaging them well with your finger tips.

  • Loosen the stuck zip by applying little lip balm below and above the zipper and slowly pulling it up and down.

  • Use non-tinted lip balm as an eyeshadow base. Rub little eyeshadow on your eyelids gently with your finger and then apply the eyeshadow. It will improve the colour and will stay longer.

  • Stop bleeding because of the razor cut by dabbing little lip balm on the cut.

  • Lock the fragrance from evaporating by dabbing some lip balm on the pulse points before spraying your favourite perfume. This will lock the fragrance from fading faster.

  • Reduce the bug bite itch by applying lip balm on the skin to stop irritation.

  • Most importantly, heal your chapped and dry lips. Rub a good amount of lip balm over your chapped and dry lips to keep them soft and moist.

I always prefer an unflavoured lip balm without any colour only so it can be used for multiple purposes.

Happy Travels!

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