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Island of Sea Turtles - Harbor Island, Beaufort, South Carolina, USA

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

On my first trip to the US, we planned to spend one of our weekends during the trip at Harbor Island in South Carolina. We were visiting my husband’s friend at Spartanburg and hence, decided to visit Harbor Island which was at a drivable distance from their residence.

Harbor Island is located between Beaufort and Hunting Island State Park. Each beach has its own waves, winds and weather and so does the beaches of Harbor Island, in its unique way.

(View of Harbour Island from our apartment)

The place we stayed was ‘Ocean Marsh’ where we rented a fully furnished apartment. Living room, bedroom, kitchen were all decked up like one's own house. Beautiful paintings hung on the wall, photographs, books, all decorated the beautiful and cosy apartment. We got all we needed for a getaway on the beach or the pool. The beach chairs, beach mats, sunscreen lotion, the beach shade and everything else we needed. 

We had each and everything to cook our means and since we were carrying the Dosa - Idli batter with us, we decided to make dosa for breakfast when we reached there. Even the bathrooms were well organized and had everything from shampoo, towels, conditioners, shower-gel, and soap bar, everything for our use. The low rise boutique apartment buildings helped in preserving the beauty of the nature and the beach around and was available at an affordable price.

(At the main entrance of Harbor Island)

(Image Source:

(Wooden walkway to the beach from our apartment)

There isn't much to do at or around Harbor Island, but forgetting the hectic city life and living in the peaceful moments is the real fun. Sitting on the beach with an interesting book, listening to the gushing waves and the silence around you is always mesmerising about that place. We too relaxed on the beach most of the time or took a dip in the pool or just relaxed at the apartment reading a book on the couch. There is also a small shop for essential stuff you would need during your stay at the Harbor Island near the apartments.

​​(Beach at Harbor Island, South Carolina)

We did not see many people around and so we enjoyed our personal time there. Each villa/apartment is located close to the beach and you can walk down any time or spend some relaxing time with a drink at the pool. Sunrise looks extremely amazing early in the morning. 

We drove through the ‘Woods Memorial Bridge’ to admire the nature's magic around us.

(Woods Memorial Bridge connecting Harbor Island and Hunting Island)

(Image Source:

We also drove down to the ‘Hunting Island State Park’. The park is huddled amongst the lush green and exhuberant coastal forest, sandy beach and absolute tranquil. There we visited the Hunting Island Lighthouse, which was built in 1875 and moved to Hunting Island State Park in 1889.

(Woods at Hunting Island)

(Walkway to the Hunting Island beach)

(Beach at Hunting Island)

(Ariel view of Hunting Island beach from the top of the Light House)

(Panoramic view of the Hunting Island near the Light House)

The steps leave you breathless by the time you reach the top of the lighthouse but the view from the top is breath-taking. There is also a small souvenir shop beside the lighthouse where we bought some fridge magnets and miniature souvenirs of the Islands.

(Images from Hunting Island)

There are many restaurants serving seafood on the way to the Harbor Island form Beaufort like Shrimp Shack, Marsh Tacky Market Cafe, Johnson Creek Tavern, MJ's Soul Food Restaurant 

Together, we cooked food, played cards, enjoyed at the beach, walked around in the property and relished each moment amidst the charming nature’s bliss.

Beaufort’s less populated, slow paced islands are most relaxing ones for a weekend getaway from any drivable distance.

(In the premises of Hunting Island)

Happy Travels!

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