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Lebua Lucknow Saraca Estate - Luxuriate amidst bygone era

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Lucknow, famous for its Nawabs, delicious food, interesting architecture, fine art of Chikankari embroidery, finesse in literature and art, the Awadhi cuisine and the etiquette’s or the Tehzeeb, has a great history and heritage.

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Lucknow houses many big and small heritage properties which are well preserved and restored for tourists to take a glance in the past of Awadhi heritage while some are converted into luxurious boutique hotels one of which is the very fascinating Lebua Lucknow - Saracen Estate.

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Lebua Lucknow - Saraca Estate built in 1936 is a luxury boutique hotel located in the heart of the city - Lucknow. It’s a heritage bungalow with 41 rooms which is carefully restored into a boutique hotel maintaining the blend between the heritage and the contemporary setup required for a hotel.

About the rooms:

Clean, hygienic, non-smoking rooms represent the Lucknowi heritage and art and architecture through its courtyards and terraces. You will find every basic amenity like air conditioning, WiFi at common areas, television with cable connection, electric kettle and some complimentary tea and coffee satchels.

We had booked ‘Executive Rooms with Breakfast. The rooms were not very spacious though, but we loved the complete interior setup. The rooms opened in a common courtyard where we spent most of our time during our stay at the hotel, especially during evening tea and dinner.

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About the restaurant:

Lebua Lucknow - Saraca Estate houses 3 different types restaurants serving different cuisines.

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‘Azrak’ is a signature restaurant of Lebua Lucknow which serves a variety of international and local regional dishes.

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‘Saraca’ is a rooftop open air lounge giving a spectacular view of the hotel property serving a great variety of cocktails and snacks.

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‘1936 Ristorante Italia’ is one of the finest restaurants of Lucknow that serves European cuisine, primarily Italian dishes. This restaurant is open for dinner where you can savour some finely crafted cuisines with a cocktail or a glass of wine.

‘Khema’ is a concept where you get a completely customised dining experience on the lawns, if you wish to celebrate any special moment.

Leisure at Lebua Lucknow:

If you wish to have a relaxed evening you can take a quick dip in the swimming pool while you enjoy some light snacks and a cocktail or a glass of wine along the poolside.


There are two halls - ‘Baradari’ and ‘Jalsa’ for big- small functions but we didn’t really get a chance to explore them.

A quaint little boutique property, Lebua Lucknow in every way, offers a perfect Lucknowi Tehzeeb and the Awadhi hospitality to the guests taking them back to the rich and royal history of Lucknow.

Do keep Lebua Lucknow - Saraca Estate as an option while you plan to visit Lucknow.

Happy Travels!

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