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Making a local connection

Don’t be afraid to take the unfamiliar paths. Sometimes they are the ones that take you to the best places.

Travelling to new destinations is one of the most pleasurable experiences. You get to explore new places, meet new people, listen to their adventurous stories and try new cuisines, discover many more facets about the place like historical significance of the place, people and their stories, clothing, its culture and modern day relevance.  

Travelling to a new place is always exciting and you have really great expectations from that place. In this new age of internet, information is quite easily available. Some places are easy and safe to wander around.

You may sometimes miss out on the once in a lifetime moment or the most unforgettable place or miss some tales of few people staying there. Some iconic landmarks and some places that are unexplored and its information is not easily available are generally missed out. So, to do something extraordinary and make some everlasting memories of majestic destinations, wander like a local.

There are few things that you always want to do but incredulous about doing them. But doing something out of the box is always extraordinary and most unforgettable. These ae a few secrets to make some everlasting memories of any trip.

1. Go beyond the popular tourist destinations

Many destinations that are less explored and led visited by tourists are rarely mentions on internet or by your friends. Exploring these destinations would be an experience in itself. Instead of going to the most renowned places crowded with people, it is an incredible experience to go to some place less travelled. These would be calmer, you can spend as much time as you want with yourself, there is no hurry or rush to leave the place.

2. Explore like a local

Being a local in a new place is always the best thing to do. You can see and feel the place in real sense. Walking through the place, discovering the unbeaten paths, do different adventure activities, meet people, eat tasty local food and do everything like a nomad but stay safe. Make each travel a journey of its own. Make acquaintances with locals so that you have a company to wander around the place and you get a chance to experience the best.

For far off places, take public transport and interaction with the people there would be lot easier.

3. Attend a local event

A local event could be festival, fairs, carnivals or if lucky some it could be a marriage to. Every local event has flavours of the unique culture, food, people and celebrations of that particular place. Get out of your comfort zone and celebrate with the happiness of the others. It will definitely be a lifetime memory.

4. Try some adventurous activities

Fear is something that keeps us away from doing certain things and the best way to beat that fear is to do it. Just do it. Every experience is once in a lifetime and just go for it. All the fears and phobias will fade away once you have lived that moment. Camping on a mountain site, hiking on a difficult mountain, bunjee jumping, river rafting, sky diving or even trying some kind of cloths or food or anything that you have a hesitation about in your mind, don’t think much. This opportunity might never come again.

5. Go for a homestay

Get out of your materialistic needs. Sometimes you may not have the bed like the one you have at your home, or a bathroom or television for entertainment, or your favourite food in your favourite way but you don’t need all these things when you are travelling. All of these things really don’t matter. Sometimes is better to stay disconnected from these things. You are anyhow going back to you home in your own comfort zone when the trip ends. So why not appreciate other things than getting tangles with the things that may not be available for you at any particular place. Make up your mind well in advance so that you are ready for anything that served in your plate.

Go for a homestay instead of a good comfortable hotel. it not such that the homestays would be uncomfortable, but they would not give you the same services like a commercial hotel. In fact, the people there are more warm, humble and welcoming. People there would treat your like their own family member, take a good care of your, look for what you want very carefully and most essentially, help you to understand the place better.

6. Try local cuisines

Like other different aspects of a particular place like different destinations, the art and architecture, the culture, the natural splendour, the clothing style etc. the cuisine of a particular place also plays an important role to make a particular place or a destination popular. Try the local cuisine. It depicts the originality of the location, its history and will get you closer to the local people.

7. Book hotels and transportation facilities on your own

When you book the transportation and accommodation facility on your own, you have the liberty to book it as per your requirements, close to the most famous destinations and flexible enough to let you decide where to stay and how to travel when you want to and not on the basis of the fixed itinerary, which can be more exciting and adventurous and connect your to the local environment.

8. Make local friends

Local people are the ones who would give you some unique insights that probably internet also doesn’t provide. They may help you to find accommodation, help in transportation, take around some interesting and tell you some fascinating facts about the place you are visiting. Such friends are very warm, welcoming and offer great hospitality on a foreign land.

9. Ask questions

For some who are little reserved or shy to talk to strangers, you need to go beyond yourself restrictions to wander around. Make friendship with locals as they are the best people to tell you unique and unbeaten places. Ask as many questions as possible. Make sure that you get answers to all your doubts or curiosities. There is nothing wrong in asking questions. As about different places, the speciality, if you are a shopaholic, ask about the best and cheaper options to get different things that you want to buy and take home.

Be brave, take risks. Noting can substitute experience. Not only get fascinated by spectrum of experiences each travel destination offers, but do it and you will never regret it.

Happy Travels!

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