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The Ultimate Travel Packing Checklist

Whether it is a weekend trip or a long vacation, whether it is a road trip or you are travelling to far away destination by flight, packing becomes the most important activity before the trip. It is quite exciting but a tedious job. And we either tend to over pack or under pack for the trip. If we forget something which is most essential, we end up hunting for that one thing in every possible store. Over packing leads to paying extra for the over weight of luggage to the airlines some times.

Thinking about the weather, mode of transport, itinerary, destination you are visiting, number of people travelling with you, number of days you are going for, size of the luggage etc. are all the aspects that play an important role while you pack for the trip. Considering all these factors and with some experience, here is an ultimate checklist of things you that you may like to take along on the trip for a smooth and hassle free travel. Also, this is a general packing checklist. You can add or remove things that you think you would not need during your trip and also create separate list for men, women and kids if needed.

Please find the downloadable packing checklist below.

Travel Packing Checklist
Download PDF • 1.05MB

Happy Travels!!!

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