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Top 21 Travel Tips from an Enthusiastic Traveller

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

After being a travelholic, excitement is always high when you plan a trip rather than when you return. Planning being the most important aspect of a tour, I guess one needs to pack in a way that the trip is smooth, safe, special and significant. Every travel experience is different in every way and you learn something new in every trip which you need to keep in mind while planning your next tour. You actually cannot plan everything, but to keeping a few things in mind can make travel easy. After travelling and doing quite a research, following are a few recommendations.

1. Make A List

When all bookings are done, write down a list of all essential items that you would need on your journey. Include the printouts of the tickets and other bookings (if required), passports (for international travel), foreign currency of the country you are travelling, hard copy of your itinerary in the list. The list would avoid the last minute hassle and you can start preparing early. And yes! Don’t forget to carry the list with you on the trip. It will help you remember all the things that you have are carrying with you.

2. Camera and Camera Kit

Do not forget to carry an extra battery for your camera. If you are carrying a camera with the replaceable lens, then don’t forget to carry the rest of the things like battery chargers and cords, lens and camera cleaning kit, camera bag and warranty/guarantee card of your camera. Click amazing moments to relive them again and forever.

3. Learn common words of greetings of the Local Language

Learn the translation of ‘thank you’, ‘sorry’, ‘please’, ‘excuse me’, ‘good morning’, ‘hello’, ‘good night’, etc. in local language which you might use frequently during your journey. It will help you converse with people and get along with them easily. You can also communicate with the people easily when you are in some trouble. 

4. Extra set of cloths in your Hand Luggage

Always carry an extra set of clothes in your hand/cabin luggage including undergarments. In case of any emergency or if there is a delay in the flight or receiving the luggage or delay in check-in into a hotel, you can quickly sneak into the washroom and change your cloths, especially  during long travel.

5. Buy a Travel Insurance

A travel insurance would always be helpful in any kind of emergency especially during international trips. your travel insurance must include 

6. Decide Outfits for Each Day

For colorful pictures of each day, plan your outfits accordingly. So you can carry things as per the outfit and would not land up taking extra things. it also becomes easy for you to quickly get into your outfit and go out touring the city, rather than wasting time in deciding which dress to wear. 

7. Carry Extra Undergarments

Undergarments are small and could be stuffed in some corner of your bag. It is always a good idea to carry an extra set of undergarments in case of any emergency. Hygiene is an important factor. Also, do not forget to carry beachwear or swimwear if your trip includes such destinations.

8. First Aid Kit

First aid kit with basic medication is important. You can take some basic medicines consulting your doctor or give a first aid treatment to someone till the doctors arrive. Do not forget to carry your regular medicines as well as the prescription for all the medicines that you are carry. Sometimes at the airport security, they tend to check the prescriptions for all the medicines that you are carrying. Also, remember which medicine is for which illness and if you cannot remember, write it down on a paper and keep it in your first aid kit box/pouch. Mosquito repellent creams may also be required for some destinations like a trek or a hike or a night stay in a forest. Also keep liquid sanitizer in the kit.

9. Cosmetics and Toiletries

Along with your make up items carry a few things like hair oil, body lotion, shampoo, sunscreen lotion, etc. in small packets or bottles for your daily use. it helps you in passing the security checks at the airports if you have place these cosmetics in your hand luggage/cabin luggage. 

10. Pack Smartly

Many people do not think much before packing. They generally tend to carry more or forget to carry a few important things on a trip. Keep the list that you have made initially while packing. It would make your life much easy. So not carry large books or diaries or other stationery items to increase the weight and size of your luggage. Pocket diaries and a pen is more than enough. Carry one or two extra ziplock bags, handbags or a duffel which can be easily folded and packed in the luggage. Hence you can carry the extra items or the things that you have shopped during your trip. Keep chargers for all electronic gadgets, torch, and plug point converters (if required) separately in a pouch or a ziplock. Keep a tape. It is always helpful to fix your broken sandals temporarily, avoid bottles with liquids from leaking, etc. If you are travelling to a destination in rainy season or there is a possibility of rain always carry a fold-able umbrella. Carry extra plastic bags to keep you laundry clothes if you are not washing them every day.

11. Research

Read and research about the places you are visiting before going on a trip to understand the cuisine, people places and so that you do not miss out on an important destination. Talk to people who have already visited those destinations to know their good and bad experiences. You may also get to know some interesting locations nearby which are not included in your itinerary but could be worth a visit.

12. Contact List

Always carry the contact list of all the people associated with the trip like the complete communication address of the hotel and the contact number where you would be staying, emergency calling numbers, contact details of the people operating the tour, and a few phone numbers of the people as emergency contact numbers from your family or friend in your handbag.

13. Name Your Bag

Put name tags on your bag to avoid confusion on the conveyor belts at the airport or in hotels. Your bag-tag may have your contact number, email address and emergency contact number for safety. You can also tie a ribbon of a common colour to all your bags to identify them easily.

14. Keep Some Cash Separately

Apart from your purse or wallet, keep some cash in your luggage at some fantastic hiding spots. This way you would not have to worry if you lose your purse or wallet on your tour.

15. Travel Light

Carry only the essential and important things that you would need on your trip rather than carrying everything. The lighter you travel the more you enjoy. You would be able to pick your luggage easily form the conveyor belts at the airport and in case you have to lift your luggage anytime while travelling.

16. Follow The Rules

Do not try to break any rule in a foreign land. Each destination may have its own different rules. Know about them and follow them. If you have a guided trip, listen carefully and following the instructions given by the guide. Do not put yourself in a difficult situation, especially during the trip.

17. Stay Hydrated

During water and other liquids on regular intervals to avoid dehydration. especially during summers it is very important to stay hydrated to avoid any kind of illness during your trip. 

18. Fragile Sticker

Just put a fragile sticker on your baggage to ensure that your luggage is handled carefully. there are less chances of mishandling of your luggage and avoid the damage of your bag as well as the things inside the bag. 

19. Light Food

Carry light and small packets of food like chips, biscuits, chocolates, wafers, cake etc. to munch in between your meals or when you feel hungry during a long journey. this light snacks helps you when you have long driving hours between two meals. 

20. Eat Healthy

Even though the food looks interesting or mouth-watering, do not get overwhelmed. Try t once and check if it suits your body. Prefer eating things that your eat on a daily basis to avoid falling sick during your trip.

21. Communicate Your Problem

Communicate or talk to people, hotel staff, tour guide, friends, family, co-travelers or local people in case of any problem or emergency. It is better not to delay.

Lastly after a long list of ‘DOS’ and ‘DON’TS’ enjoy your trip, make memories, click pictures, talk to people, know their stories, observe the daily life of the people there, try local food, and have a great trip.

Bon Voyage!

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