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What I wore on my trip to Harbour Island, South Carolina

On my first trip to the US, we planned to spend one of our weekends during the trip at Harbour Island in South Carolina. We were visiting my husband’s friend at Spartanburg and hence, decided to visit Harbour Island which was at a drivable distance from their residence.

Harbour Island is located between Beaufort and Hunting Island State Park. Each beach has its own waves, winds and weather and so do the beaches of Harbour Island, in its unique way.

Being a beach destination and humid climate, I chose to wear shorts and simple cotton t-shirts and comfortable clothes. Our luggage was delayed for 4 days and we had to buy some clothes at Spartanburg. I had brought my swimwear and beachwear from India but was packed in the bag that got delayed due to the storm in Dallas. But I still managed to look good with the clothes we bought before heading to Harbour Island.

We also drove down to the ‘Hunting Island State Park’. The park is huddled amongst the lush green and exuberant coastal forest, sandy beach and absolute tranquil. There we visited the Hunting Island Lighthouse, which was built in 1875 and moved to Hunting Island State Park in 1889.

Here are a few photos for the trip:

Happy Travels!

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